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The Catholic Faith Series: 4 Volume Gift Set
The Catholic Faith Series: 4 Volume Gift Set

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The Catholic Faith Series, in a question and answer format, comprises brief summaries on current topics of some of the important elements that characterize the all-embracing panorama of the Catholic Faith and it addresses some of the questions of concern in today's society on what the Catholic Church believes and lives, for a deeper understanding of the elements of the faith.

The Catholic Faith Series uses mainly the documents from the Holy Father, to make their richness, comprenhensiveness, and beauty more widely known and because they express essential and fundamental beliefs that are held by the Catholic Church as a whole, that 's been transmitted through the Magisterium of the pope and the bishops.

Get the complete 4-volume set of The Catholic Faith Series for 20% lower. Each volume also sold individually.

No. 7-337, Jesus and the Church, Vol. One (144 pp. +/-)

No. 7-338, Mass, Sacraments and Prayer, Vol. Two (224 pp. +/-)

No. 7-339, Human Dignity, Sexuality and Marriage & Family, Vol. Three (248 pp. +/-), and

No. 7-340, Good & Evil and the Human Condition, Vol. Four (208 pp. +/-)

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