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Interrupted Lives
Interrupted Lives

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Some were nurses.
Many were educators.
Still others cared for orphans, the elderly, the mentally ill.

They were the Greek and Roman Catholic Sisters of Eastern and Central Europe who freely dedicated their lives to serve their brothers and sisters. But at the end of World War 2, Josef Stalin and communism seized control of their countries, imposing a 40-year reign of atheistic control.

Interrupted Lives explores the experiences of these Sisters through interviews with the now-elderly survivors of the Soviet domination of Eastern and Central Europe.

Until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, many of these religious women endured imprisonment, exile to Siberia, forced farm and factory labor, deportation, seizure of their schools and hospitals and expulsion from their convents. Also included are interviews with "Secret Sisters" who joined religious life during this Communist period and lived out their vocations in the underground.

Filmed on location in Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and the United States, Interrupted Lives documents their stories and takes viewers to the apartment buildings, prisons, concentration convents, and seized properties where Communism intersected with the Sisters' lives.

Interviews with Eastern European scholars as well as Sisters offer a powerful testimony to the faith, courage and endurance of these religious women. Their own stories raise awareness of those who still today undergo persecution for political or religious beliefs.

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