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Popular Devotional Practices: Basic Questions and Answers: <span class="subtitle">Basic Questions and Answers</span>
Popular Devotional Practices: Basic Questions and Answers: Basic Questions and Answers

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Popular devotional practices play a crucial role in helping to foster the "ceaseless praying" as taught by the apostle. In this booklet, the bishops respond to common questions about popular devotional practices and their proper function in the life of the Church. An essential guide for those seeking to make use of sound devotional practices, to help experience God in their everyday lives.






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"The Church has learned from experience that authentic popular devotions are an invaluable means of promoting an increased love of God. The important role of popular devotions was discussed at the Synod for America and received particular mention in Pope John Paul II's post-synodal apostolic exhortation The Church in America (Ecclesia in America): " 'The Synod Fathers stressed the urgency of discovering the true spiritual values present in popular religiosity, so that, enriched by genuine Catholic doctrine, it might lead to a sincere conversion and a practical exercise of charity. If properly guided, popular piety also leads the faithful to a deeper sense of their membership of the Church, increasing the fervor of their attachment and thus offering an effective response to the challenges of today's secularization.' "

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