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Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration: <span class="subtitle">A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice</span>
Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice

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Crime and the fear of crime touch many lives in America and polarize communities. How we respond to crime is a challenge for our Church-and a moral test for our nation. In this timely work, the bishops open a new dialogue on crime and justice in the United States. Building on scriptural foundation, Catholic social teaching, and stories from the frontlines, the bishops emphasize the need for solutions that teach right from wrong, respect for life, forgiveness and mercy.

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TOC: Introduction Crime and the Catholic Community Some Dimensions of Crime and Punishment in the United States Victims of Crime in the United States Punishment in the United States Characteristics of the Inmate Population Detention of Immigrants Offenders and Treatment Scriptural, Theological, and Sacramental Heritage Scriptural Foundations Sacramental and Historical Heritage Catholic Social Teaching Human Life and Dignity Human Rights and Responsibilities Family, Community, and Participation The Common Good The Option for the Poor and Vulnerable Subsidiarity and Solidarity Policy Foundations and Directions Protecting Society Rejecting Simplistic Solutions Promoting Serious Efforts Toward Crime Prevention and Poverty Reduction Challenging the Culture of Violence Offering Victims the Opportunity to Participate Encouraging Innovative Programs Insisting That Punishment Has a Constructive Purpose Encouraging Spiritual Healing and Renewal Making a Serious Commitment to Confront Addiction Treating Immigrants Justly Placing Crime in a Community Context The Church's Mission Teach Right from Wrong, Respect for Life, Forgiveness and Mercy Stand With Victims and Their Families Reach Out to Offenders and Their Families Build Community Advocate Policies That Offer Real Alternatives to Crime Organize Diocesan Consultations Work for New Approaches Conclusion Appendix: Suggestions for Action

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Binding Information: Saddle stitched Paperback 
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  Vertical File Index - February 28, 2001
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  Our Sunday Visitor - May 13, 2001
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