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Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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Pages: 128
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Pope Benedict XVI: Spiritual Thoughts: <span class="subtitle">In the First Year of His Papacy</span>
Pope Benedict XVI: Spiritual Thoughts: In the First Year of His Papacy

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Spiritual Thoughts wonderfully captures his deep spiritual and holy life and his extraordinary intelligence as expressed in the first year of his papacy and begins to unlock the mystery of who this pope will be. The short reflections from his talks, homilies, and writings presented here are prayerful, at times forceful, and always satisfying.

Exton, Benet. Book Review: Pope Benedict: Spiritual Thoughts. Catholic Exchange. Exton provides a positive review of the Pope Benedict's work, Spiritual Thoughts, claiming it to be a useful resource for a wide group of people. He states, "Catholics interested in what Pope Benedict has to say will be interested in this book. Those looking for a source for meditation may enjoy this book tol. Non-Catholics will find a quick source for the spiritual thoughts of Pope Benedict XVI in this book."

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