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Study guides in downloadable PDF format are available for all of the titles listed below. All users have permission to reproduce these study guides for free distribution.

A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death (DVD)

No. 5-757, 16 minutes
Study Guide

Come to the Water (DVD)

Come to the Water: The Adult Journey to Baptism follows catechumens and candidates in the year-round RCIA process of adult education and initiation into the Catholic community. It culminates with their baptism at the Easter Vigil.

No. 5-707, 60 minutes
Study Guide

Creativity: Touching the Divine (DVD)

This DVD explores the universal virtue of creativity ranging from the fine arts to daily living. Features Kent Amos, founder of the Urban Family Institute; Madeleine L'Engle, author of A Wrinkle in Time; Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul; and glass harpist Jamey Turner.

No. 035-4, 60 minutes
Study Guide

Faith Works: Across the USA (Video/DVD)

Faith Works: Across the USA looks at "typical" days in the lives of several Catholics. It is an excellent resource for RCIA as well as youth and young adult faith formation. Funded by the Catholic Communication Campaign.

Video: No. 5-679, 60 minutes
DVD: No. 5-685, 60 minutes
Study Guide/Streaming Video

Walking God's Paths (Video/DVD)

In this video, scholars from both the Catholic and Jewish traditions openly discuss the roots of animosity between the faiths-and how the two can relate in positive ways. Funded by the Catholic Communication Campaign.

Video: No. 5-596, 90 minutes
DVD: No. 5-624, 90 minutes
Study Guide

Wives of Deacons: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives (Video)

This informative, engaging video chronicles the lives of six extraordinary woman--all wives of deacons. The women discuss the challenges, questions, joys, and unique concerns they face as deacons' wives. Funded by the Catholic Communication Campaign.

No. 5-617, 18 minutes
Study Guide

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