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Customer Discounts

There are three ways to get a discount on every purchase you make from USCCB Publishing!

Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts are available on all titles.

At each product page, click on the box that reads, “Select Quantity Discount,” for information on each title. The quantity listed is the lowest quantity for which the corresponding discount applies. Once you type in your quantity, the discount will automatically be applied.

USCCB Preferred

Save 30% on every online purchase when you subscribe to USCCB Preferred for the special introductory price of $30!

What is USCCB Preferred?

How do I subscribe?

Add a "USCCB Preferred" subscription (product number: TBD) to your shopping cart. We will deduct the discount from your first order, then send you your username and password by email to get you started on future orders. Reminder: Subscriptions must be prepaid by credit card or check.

Terms of Service

The cost is $30 for the first year. The 30% discount is available for online purchases only. Membership must be prepaid by check or credit card. Club membership is non-transferable. Standard USCCB Publishing billing and shipping policies apply.

Resource Service

The original subscription service—low cost and best value!

Are you only interested in automatically receiving copies of our titles? See below.

Ideal for

For $129/year, subscribers receive:

English Bookshelf

For $99/year, subscribers receive all English-language USCCB resources as they are published during the year.

Ideal for Catholic college and university libraries, professors, seminaries, convents, and other academic or institutional customers.

Spanish Bookshelf

Complements The Resource Service and English Bookshelf service for those readers who wish to receive all Spanish-language or bilingual resources from USCCB Publishing.

For $49/year subscribers receive periodic mailings as Spanish-language titles are published.

International Subscribers (Outside the United States)

Additional charges apply.

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