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Q: Where can I find my account number?
A: Your customer ID—your account number—is located in a box in the upper right-hand corner of your invoice under the heading, “Customer ID.”

Q: How do I subscribe to or change my subscription to The BCL Newsletter?
A: The BCL Newsletter is published by the Secretariat on the Liturgy. For subscription information, contact Sr. Clelia Cecchetti at

Q: How does the second edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church differ from the first edition?
A: The second edition differs in two ways. First, the second edition reflects the changes that were made in the final Latin text in 1997. Second, the second edition includes a new index. The glossary was also added in the American version of the second edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Q: How can I find out when new titles will be available?
A: As you view information on a title, the availability of a title is listed next “Price.” Click on the image of the title, and further information may be available.

Q: When do I have to prepay my order?
A: All first-time purchases and orders under $100 (before tax and shipping and handling) must be prepaid. You can prepay by check, money order, or credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Q: Can I place my order and I'll send you a check later?
A: If this is not your first order and the order is over $100 (before tax and shipping and handling), you can be billed for your purchases. Enclose your check with your invoice when you receive it.

Q: Do you do accept checks by Internet or phone?
A: No, we do not accept checks for payment by Internet or phone. Internet orders must be prepaid by credit card or billed. In order to be billed, this cannot be your first order and the order must be over $100 (before tax and shipping and handling). You can pay by check when you receive your invoice.

Q: Do you accept Discover or American Express?
A: We do not accept Discover or American Express at this time. VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

Q: I want to get books for my conference or course at a discount to sell. How can I do that?
A: This is called a consignment. A diocese, parish, or organization can place a consignment order when they plan on reselling publications or resources to others during a conference or for an educational course or program. Consignment merchandise is purchased at a discount from USCCB Publishing. The customer may return any unsold merchandise in resalable condition (the customer pays the return shipping.) If the books that are returned are damaged, you will be charged for the books themselves. The customer is only liable for the merchandise that they actual sell. If you would like to place a consignment order, contact us.

Q: How are discounts applied to my order?
A: Generally, items in your order are discounted for one of two reasons. First, a discount is available for all products based on the quantity purchased. When the quantity for an item is entered, the quantity discount is automatically applied. Second, customers receive discounts if they are a Resource Member, bookstore, or trade client. If you want to receive the highest discount available, consider joining the Resource Service (bookmark: Resource) where you can receive up to 40% off (our lowest price) on our titles.

Q: Where can I find a statement issued by the USCCB, the Vatican, another Catholic organization, or an individual bishop?
A: Statements by the USCCB are listed at the USCCB website. For the most recent statements by the Vatican, to the Vatican website. For statements by other Catholic organizations, we recommend that you search for the websites of the individual organizations. To find statements by individual bishops, go their diocesan website and search for additional information.

Q: I want to reprint a USCCB publication. How do I get permission?
A: Permissions requests must be sent to us in writing. Full instructions on how to request permissions are at our website.

Q: I have written a Mass setting using the English translation of the Roman Missal. How do I get copyright permission?
A: The International Committee on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) is the copyright holder of the text in the Roman Missal. To obtain copyright permission, contact them at 1522 K Street, NW, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20005-1202.

Q: What can we reprint or copy to distribute it in our school or parish?
A: Under “Free Resources,” click on Bulletin Inserts.” All of the titles listed on that page may be reprinted or copied for distribution in a school or parish as long as it is not for sale and it is printed in its entirety. In most cases, we ask that you send us an email at to let us know how you intend to use it.

Q: What is the Resource Service? How do I become a member?
A: The Resource Service is USCCB Publishing’s annual subscription service for diocesan and parish leaders, pastors, and other individual leaders. It is designed to help leaders stay up-to-date on what’s new in church ministry and stretch budget dollars farther. For $199 a year, Resource Members receive regular automatic mailings of all new English-language and bilingual resources and discounts of up to 40% off list price when purchasing most USCCB resources. To subscribe to the Resource Service, call our customer service representatives at 800-235-8722 Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Q: How do I know if I am a Resource Member?
A: You are probably a Resource Member if: • You automatically receive mailings with copies of new titles from USCCB Publishing on a monthly basis • You have received a discount of up to 40% on your latest invoice If you aren’t sure, call our customer service representatives at 800-235-8722, and they can give you that information. If you purchase more than $490 of merchandise in any given year, you should consider joining the Resource Service.

Q: What is the return policy?
If books, videos, or other items arrive damaged, or if we send you the wrong item(s), you may return them within 10 days of receipt with a request that they be replaced, that your account be credited, or that we send you a refund. No returns are accepted after 10 days. Annual publications, such as Catechetical Sunday resources are nonreturnable.

Q: Where can I find samples online of various booklets, brochures, or statements?
A: Many of our resources are posted in a text-only format on the Internet. To find out if a title is available online, click on the image of the title and you should find a hyperlink that reads, “For complete text.” Click on that link to view the online text. Also, in the same area, you will find a link to a PDF version of the title for personal use only. Please note that all titles are copyrighted and are not to be reproduced unless otherwise noted.

Q: How can I found out how much shipping will be, especially if I am outside the United States?
A: If you add the products to your cart and do everything but submit your order, you will see an estimate of your shipping. Another way to find out is to call our customer service representatives at 800-235-8722, and they help you.

Q: If I place my order today how long will it take?
A: Orders within the United States take about 8-10 days unless you request and pay for overnight or second-day shipping charges. International orders vary. Contact customer service by telephone at 202-722-8716 or by fax at 202-722-8709 to get more specific information.

Q: The amount of the shipping and handling charge surprised me. What does it cover?
A: The shipping and handling charge includes two costs—the cost from the warehouse to put your order together and the cost to mail or ship it to you. We try to pass on to you only what we are charged by our warehouse for shipping and handling. One way to get the “biggest bang for your shopping buck” is to increase the size of your order, especially for smaller items.

Q: How long will it take my order to arrive if I am outside the United States?
A: International orders vary. Contact customer service by telephone at 202-722-8716 or by fax at 202-722-8709 to get more specific information.

Q: What can I use as my username?
A: Your username can be any combination of letters or symbols EXCEPT for the "@" sign that is used in email addresses. Usernames also cannot have spaces in them.

Q: You only publish certain Vatican documents. Where can I get other Vatican documents in printed form?
A: For Vatican documents that are not published by USCCB Publishing, there are two other sources, Origins and Pauline Books and Media. To print out an Internet version of the text only, Vatican documents can be found at the Vatican website.

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