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Welcome to USCCB Publishing

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We are . . .

. . . the official publishing arm of the U.S. bishops.
. . . the official U.S. source of papal and Vatican documents

Each year, we publish approximately 50 new books, videos, and resources.

Mission Statement

USCCB Publishing participates in the mission of the USCCB as a professional publishing resource in the areas of print and electronic media, creative services, and intellectual property management. USCCB Publishing collaborates with other USCCB offices and other organizations to effectively use resources and technology to assist the bishops in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and sharing the teachings of the Church.

Vision and Values

In fulfilling its mission as part of an integrated USCCB media team, USCCB Publishing will:

This vision is founded on the following organizational values.

USCCB Publishing • 3211 Fourth Street, NE • Washington, DC 20017 • Call us toll-free: 877-978-0757 • Fax: 202-722-8709 • Customer Service: